Eviction Services

Eviction Notice

Eviction notice document preparation and service of eviction notice on tenant

Unlawful Detainer

Unlawful Detainer Document Preparation, file documents with the court, serve documents on the tenant

Sheriff Lockout

Sheriff Lockout Instructions and Fee

Court Filing Fee

Mandatory fee to be paid to the courts
*Other court fees may apply

Tenant Finder Services

Market & Advertise Property

Create and manage property listings

Tenant Interviews

Conduct initial phone or email interviews with prospective tenants to assess their compatibility with the property and the landlord’s requirements

Tenant Screening

Conduct background checks, credit assessments, and rental history reviews

Lease Agreement Assistance

Draft lease agreements that accurately reflect the terms and conditions of the rental

Reference Checks

Contact previous landlords and employers to verify the information provided by potential tenant

Qualified Tenant List

Landlords will receive a list of well-qualified tenants who meet their criteria. The list includes a comprehensive report on each tenant’s rental history, financial stability, and reliability.

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